Sarah Kuntsal

My favorite recipe tester (he’s trying to hold me back from a plate of chocolate croissants here…)

A little about me…

I grew up with a mom from the South. Our coffee table was constantly covered with issues of Martha Stewart and Bon Appetit, crafting patterns, and gardening books. My love of good food and cooking started early: sheet after sheet of Christmas cookies, amazing Thanksgiving spreads, and healthy, homemade meals pretty much every night.

I was advised to stop eating dairy products when I was younger, and although I’ve cut milk out, I just can’t seem to give up butter or cheese. A world without a good chocolate croissant is just unimaginable to me. (My secret is Digestive Enzymes..in case you were wondering. One or two with each butterlicious meal.)

I work in digital marketing, so if I’m not cooking, I’m probably putzing around with some sort new technology or social site. I’m not trying to get a cook book deal, I have no wishes to be a famous blogger, I’m just here to share delicious recipes that I come across.  I hope you enjoy. You can reach me at sarah at soymilkandhoney.com if you want to say hi, ask a question, or work with me.







Photo credit to Hugh Forte (If you need a photographer…look no further)

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