Herbed Feta Cheese and Olive Oil

One of my favorite things to nibble on is a good crunchy bread dipped into olive oil. But you know what’s even better? Throwing some feta cheese and fresh herbs into that mix. I was looking through a Sunset magazine from last year and I ran across this great little recipe for Herbed Feta Cheese and Olive Oil.

Herbed Feta Cheese in Olive Oil | Soymilk + Honey

It’s super easy to whip up, you can leave it in your fridge for up to a month, and it makes a great appetizer to munch on with a glass of wine. The perfect sort of treat for these hot summer months. And since you can just store it in the fridge until you need it, just pull the jar out an hour or two before you want to eat (the olive oil will congeal so it needs a little time to warm up).

Herbed Feta Cheese in Olive Oil | Soymilk + Honey

I made mine with feta cheese (you’ll want a good quality feta and if you’re up for it, go full fat – that’s where all the flavor is), but you can also use fresh goat cheese. And if you’re growing an herb garden this summer, this is a great way to use up some of that thyme and rosemary. Sprinkle in a few peppercorns, some garlic, and voila. Instant yumminess.

Herbed Feta Cheese in Olive Oil | Soymilk + Honey

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Herbed Feta Cheese and Olive Oil
Prep time
Total time
Whip this up for a quick and tasty appetizer that goes great with a glass of Chardonnay!
Serves: 2 jars
  • ½ lb mild feta or fresh goat cheese
  • Herbs: Rosemary sprigs, thyme sprigs, and a bay leaf
  • A few halved garlic cloves
  • Black peppercorns
  • Good quality olive oil
  • Some sort of jar you can seal - canning jars or Weck jars will work well
  1. Slice the cheese into 2" chunks.
  2. Layer the cheese in a clean glass jar, adding in the garlic, herbs, peppercorns and bay leaf. If you're using more than one jar, split the cheese and herbs between the jars.
  3. Pour in enough olive oil to cover the cheese and herbs. Seal tightly and chill for several days to mix in all the flavors.



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