Wedding Registry Must-Haves

When we were putting together our wedding registry five years ago, there wasn’t a lot of information online about registries. You could find big giant lists on some of the sites (lists that included everything from vegetable peelers to ice buckets), but it was hard to find a good list of those must-have items. And since we weren’t having a huge wedding I didn’t want to put a million things on the registry and risk ending up with everything but the important items. I have a good friend (and fellow newbie blogger) who is in the process of planning her wedding, and it made me think back on the items we received and the ones we’re still using (and the ones we ditched long ago). So I figured I’d share a few of my favorite wedding registry must haves and hope I can help out a few soon-to-be-newlyweds.

Wedding Registry Favorites | Soymilk + Honey

1. A Kitchenaid Stand Mixer. My Kitchenaid is the workhorse of the kitchen. For a while I kept it under a counter, but I use it so often that I now leave it out on the counter. It gets used any time I bake, and it’s great for everything from whisking egg whites for pancakes to mixing up a batch of cookies.

2. A good set of stainless steel mixing bowls. These are so great that you might want two sets. They’re sturdy, easy to clean, and great for everything.

3. We threw a Nespresso machine on our list on a whim, and it was the first thing we received. It was like Christmas in June – we were so excited! Now is the time to pick one or two nice items (that you’ll really use) and add them to your list.

4. An immersion blender. I wasn’t sure if I’d use this, but I love it. I use it all the time for stews or quick blending jobs that don’t really need the full-size blender.

5. A good pairing knife. You can skimp or splurge, they’re all pretty great.

6. A good santoku knife. If you take care of it properly, it’ll become one of your favorite tools.

7. Quality baking pans. You want good, solid pans that will last a while. The ones I use the most are the half sheet pan, the muffin pans, the cooling rack, and the 8-inch cake pan. If you love baking cakes, get a few different sized cake pans.

8. A Dutch Oven. I use this guy for everything. If you cook for two or four, a 5 quart dutch oven will suffice. If you plan on cooking for guests or you like cooking big batches of stews, you’ll want a 9 quart (or larger) size. Le Creuset has a nice sizing guide here. Just remember that they’re heavy. (And thought I love my Le Creuset, I have one from Target that I love too…shh don’t tell anyone.)

9. Cuisinart Food Processor. Though it’s not as busy as the Kitchenaid, it’s irreplaceable in the kitchen. If you’re going to get one, don’t get the smallest size. The bigger the better.

10. A good set of dishes. You don’t realize how expensive dishes are until you have to buy a set of 12 of them. I’d recommend a nice neutral color that you won’t hate in a few years. We opted for a nice heavy set of white dishes, and I still love them. You can always spice them up with fun napkins or dessert plates.

There are obviously a few other things you’re going to want – a good set of pans, some quality silverware – but those are the ten that I don’t think I could live cook without. Do you agree? What do you think is a must-have on a wedding registry?


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