Hello, my name is Sarah.

I grew up surrounded by cookbooks, issues of Martha Stewart and Bon Appetit, and food. Amazing food. 

While I’m not supposed to eat dairy, I can’t seem to give up butter or cheese. A world without a good chunk of cheese or a chocolate croissant is a sad world.

I work in digital marketing, so if I’m not cooking, I’m probably putzing around with some sort new technology or social site. These recipes aren’t my own and I have no wishes to be a famous blogger. I’m just here to share delicious recipes that I come across online or in cookbooks. I’m also trying to improve my photography skills, so bear with me. 

I hope you enjoy. You can reach me at sarah at soymilkandhoney.com if you want to say hi, ask a question, or work with me.


The fine print…I've created this blog so I can share my favorite recipes with friends and family, but some of the links you see are affiliate links. I'll only share things that I love, and that means if I love it and share it, and you click on it and buy it, then I may get a smidge of that back.

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